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How School ERP Eases Every Educational Institutions Top 4 Challenges

By : desidesign technologies, Posted on 2019-11-12

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More efficiency All institutions are designed to manage a ton of student information. Keeping a stack of papers and piles of records covering all of a student's details, with accuracy is an undeniable one, especially when the number of students is rising every year. Not only is the process tedious but it also consumes a large portion of their time (for teachers and staff) that can easily be used to focus on teaching and performing other important tasks. Instead of working hours on random papers, investments can be made in student academic or non-academic growth. School ERP makes good workflow and streamlines in-house processes of educational institutions, saving many hours to grow their product to a great extent! It is especially important today as working parents may be inclined to miss out on their child's schooling. This has a detrimental effect on a child's academic and social performance, and therefore, is a critical cause of concern for parents and educators alike. Parents can track their child's academic performance, pay for expenses, share concerns and much more! Student and Staff Data Security Data security and concerns about this have been circulating for a long time now. And, somehow still, there is a risk of data theft or people losing / misrepresenting sensitive student information. With the school's ERP system embedded in the cloud, teachers no longer have to worry about it. A possible ERP system collects, saves and stores data in a medium-sized environment, with limited (staff) access that prevents possible data theft and hacking. Student performance depends directly on the learning environment. A good and well-maintained learning environment enhances the learner's imagination and contributes to their learning in the classroom. To overcome this, school ERP is a stand-alone solution.You know? Teachers spend 30% -40% of their time on non-teaching activities such as marking, data entry, preparation of timetables, and assignment of homework.




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